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English Language Courses for Student Visitors

Qualifications from the UK are recognised and respected throughout the world and Manchester City College is renowned nationally for excellence in vocational training and education. At the heart of the College’s success is the combination of excellent teaching with state-of-the-art facilities to give student’s real skills and qualifications that employer’s value.


There are lots of benefits of studying in the UK. You will develop transferable skills that will help you to be successful in your chosen career. You will also develop your English skills, which is arguably the most important language in today’s global business world.


If you live in a country outside the European Economic Areas [EEA], or have lived in the EEA for less than three years, you could be considered as an international student visitor. If you wish to check your status before applying please contact us.

Manchester City College is registered with the ASIC (Accreditation Services for International Colleges) and authorised to enrol international student visitor.

What are the course fees?

Course fees are from £2500 to £4000 per year and must be paid in full before each academic year starts. Fees are subject to change and vary on level of the course selected.


When are course fees due?

If we confirm a course offer to you, we will require you to pay  a £2,500 deposit in  sterling to Manchester City College.


Maintenance cost whilst studying?

To prove you have the money, you can show cash in an account, including a joint bank account, loan, or official financial or government sponsorship. When calculating overseas money, UK Border Agency expects students to show the closing balance in pounds sterling.


Where do I get information about applying for a Student Visitor Visa?

The Council for International Education website is regularly updated and includes useful information on immigration, financial and study related matters:  and  from the British High Commission in your home country. You should apply for your student visitor Visa in good time before the commencement date of you course.


How will I complete enrolment on arrival into the UK?

When you arrive in the UK you are required to attend the College immediately to complete the enrolment process for your selected course at which point full course fees will be required. Enrolment can only take place if you provide your passport and a valid visa and original documents you supplied to us on applying; these will be thoroughly checked and photocopied for the College’s records and compliance with the rules and regulations.