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In house training for the local community as a part of our volunteer programme. Volunteers are equipped with necessary leadership skills required to be a mentor or a local Champion.




We also operate from many outreach venues.

If you are not able to visit our premises, please get in touch and we can recommend where our nearest representative is waiting for you.

We at Manchester City College are keen on providing Industry focused Programmes for individuals wanting to develop or improve their skill set.


We have over 11 years of vast experience in delivering sector focused qualifications delivered by qualified and experienced teachers and teaching assistants.

Having worked with industry professionals we have been able to promote intercultural understanding and paved the way for integration.

We can provide the following range of courses on demand. 

Please feel free contact to inquire about any of the following courses.

You can contact us on : 0161 224 4564 

Or drop us an email on :





We hold discussions every fortnightly on Friday Afternoon. The purpose of discussions is simple: to help us provide the best possible service for our local communities.

Other Courses:

International Business Management

Main Topics:


* International Business Environment and Trade

* International Financial Accounting and Management

* Cross-Cultural Management Communications

* International Environmental Law and Sustainability

* Leadership, Change and Consultancy

* Global Marketing Management

* E-Commerce Operations

Taxi Licensing

We can arrange training for the following Councils:

*Manchester City Council - Knowledge Test Preparation

*Trafford City Council - Entry Level 2 in ESOL Skills for Life

*Calderdale Council - Entry Level 3 in ESOL Skills for Life

*Transport of London - B1 or Equivalent of SELT Exams

*Sefton Council - VRQ Level 2

SIA L2 Door Supervisions

Main Topics:

*Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry

*Working within the Private Security Industry

*Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry

*Physical Intervention Skills within the Private Security Industry

Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Environmental Risk Assessment and Management

Qualifying Chemical Storekeeper Certificate

Course outline and topics:


* Business Management fundamentals and concepts (8 Hours)

* Project Management Professional (PMP) (8 Hours)

* Human Resources Management (8 Hours)

* International Strategic Management (8 Hours)


Course schedule:

Three days, 32 Hours (24 Hrs in Class + 8 Hrs E-learning)

Teaching methods adopted

Face to face in class, MCQ, Video, Animated Slides and Group discussions.

Assessment methods adopted

Coursework + ongoing Q/A assessment

Main Topics:

* Environmental Management systems

* Environmental Risk Assessment Practical Procedures

* Formulating Risk assessment in practical context

* Planning Risk Assessment Strategies

* Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

* Practical sessions with case study

* Site Visit

Main Topics:

* Life cycle of chemicals.

* Objectives, functions and the importance of storing process and chemical storage.

* Duties and responsibilities of the Chemical Storekeeper.

* Classification and evaluation of hazardous chemicals in terms of toxicity and hazard level.

* Chemical warning labels and labeling techniques.

* Inventory procedure for hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

* The Use of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS, SDS).

* Personal Protection Equipment (Matching with MSDS or SDS).

* Storage of chemical materials according to their Hazard Class and Incompatibility.

* Practical exercises

Professional Diploma in Medical Management and Leadership

NEBOSH General Certificate Course

Environmental Project Management Diploma

Main Topics:


* Determine the basic processes and functions in health care management, including decision-making, planning, organization, leadership and supervision, staffing and control techniques

* Clear description of the organization and build and functions of the health care systems

* The role of professional management in hospitals

* Accounting system in hospitals and application of basic mathematical skills to calculate and analyse the basic statistics and rates

* Personnel management and behavioural skills

* Information systems in hospitals and the use of available health information systems to perform basic administrative functions.

* Legal liability for the doctor from the reality of some judicial rulings

Main Units:


* Management of International Health & Safety

* Control of workplace hazards

* Health and safety practical application




* The key legal requirements for managing health and safety at work

* The importance of and key elements of health and safety management systems

* Principles and practice of risk assessment

* The identification of workplace hazards such as those associated with general workplace issues, fire, electricity etc.

* Methods for controlling identified workplace hazards

Main Topics:

* Introduction to Environmental Project Management * Scope of work, Cost and Schedule Management

* Total Quality Management * Resource and Communications Management

* Report and documentations for the project management

* Environmental Project Management Practical sessions and case studies

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